Introducing: The Porta-Pit Portable [Concrete] Washout Materials Containment Bin

What makes The Porta-Pit unique?
  • Durability – Porta-Pit is made of a revolutionary cross link polyethylene that’s five times stronger than ordinary polypropylene plastic.
  • Security – A uniquely designed locking lid prevents water from escaping during transport
  • Light weight –Porta-Pit weighs approx. 150 pounds empty and can be moved by hand.
  • High capacity –It comes in three sizes; the largest holds approximately 2 cubic yards.
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  • Small footprint – The 1.5-yard Porta-Pit is about the size of a pallet at 44 x 42 inches, and is 40 inches tall. The ¾-yard Porta-Pit is designed to slide under pumps and pump trucks and is only 12 inches high. The smallest Porta-Pit, with a capacity of 1/2 yard, is for small rock pumps.
  • Stackable – Porta-Pits may be nested or stacked for easy storage..
  • Dual usage – For users who prefer dry materials, Porta-Pit has a removable plug in the lid to facilitate evaporation. Dried materials are then easily dumped.
  • Pumper’s Friend – For use when priming or washing out pumps, Porta-Pit has a removable 10 inch lid to allow the hose inside the closed bin to prevent the contents from escaping or splattering.
  • No lubricants required – Concrete will not adhere to the plastic used in Porta-Pit.
  • Call (626) 247-8766 for more Porta-Pit information or click below.

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Introducing: The Porta-Pit Portable `{`Concrete`}` Washout Containment Bin

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